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Hub Site Manager
Steve Waterman
Mainland High School
1255 W. International Speedway Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Phone: (386) 258-4665
Fax: (386) 226-0332


Current Projects:
ISTF 1999: TurtleLights
ISTF 2000: BioMass
ISTF 2001: SUNLight
ISTF 2002: WaterGates
Mainland SCANS the Future
MathSummer Collection
National Institute
Mainland High School in Daytona Beach, FL is a part of the Volusia County School District. Volusia County was the fiscal agent for the CCTT project. In addition to being a hubsite, Mainland hosted the offices for the grant's project manager, Marshall Ransom. Mainland was a USDOE Blue Ribbon School in 1983, 1991, and 1996. A Florida Model Technology School from 1988-1993, Mainland has been a leader in developing and using technology in the classroom. A Cisco Networking Regional Academy has operated at Mainland since 1997, providing students, high school teachers and community college instructors with the Cisco curriculum. The Academy of Communication and Multimedia Design at Mainland offers students the Cisco curriculum, web and computer design courses, and opportunities for students to work with teachers in developing personal technology skills, web pages, and tools for enhancing student learning and the teaching environment.

Originally, Mainland was to work with the University of Central Florida's Institute of Simulation and Training to assist in the implementation of a 3-D Algebra project known as RAVEN. This CCTT product was being developed to guide students through simulated 3-D worlds, providing algebra-based problem-solving situations as students traveled through different environments on their desktops. After several unsuccessful attempts to have the software run on school-based student stations, the project was archived.




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Career Connection to Teaching with Technology
USDOE Technology Innovation Challenge Grant
Marshall Ransom, Project Manager
All rights reserved.

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