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A statement of our original 1997 Challenge Grant Proposal is cited below.

Volusia County School Board
Project Name: The Career Connection to Teaching with Technology Consortium
Contact: Marshall R. Ransom / Patricia B. Graham
    Mainland High School
    1255 W. International Speedway Boulevard
    Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Web site: http://www.cctt.org 
5-year funding: $6,527,645

The Career Connection to Teaching with Technology Consortium, initiated by the Volusia County School Board in Florida, proposes to involve outstanding teachers from geographically diverse public and private schools in the development of educational resources and to guide them in aligning their lessons with challenging state and national standards. University partners and software developers will collaborate with teachers to create three dimensional software that immerses students in a virtual reality learning environment. Industry partners have already designed a satellite delivery system, named the Digital Curriculum Intranet, which will allow software products, lessons, and other resources to arrive at participating schools in a reliable, timely manner. The consortium of 30 diverse schools, the American Psychological Association, Hughes Network Systems, Adobe, J. Weston Walsh publishers and the University of Central Florida, and other partners will work together to raise student achievement with technology.

Copyright 1997-2003
Career Connection to Teaching with Technology
USDOE Technology Innovation Challenge Grant
Marshall Ransom, Project Manager
All rights reserved.

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