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Learning Interchange
National Writing Institute

Monday, June 17, 2024
Workshop Organization
1. Goals and Objectives
2. Agenda

1. Teaching For Understanding
2. Resources

1. Framework

UPO/LPO Templates and Samples
1. Stages in Building a Unit of Study
2. Unit Plan Organizer Template
3. Unit Plan: Natural Selection
4. Unit Plan: Habitats
5. Unit Plan: The Great War Revisited
6. Unit Plan: Storytelling - The Raven
7. Lesson Plan Organizer Template
8. Teacher Lesson: Variation Everywhere

Standards, Understandings and Questions
1. Indicators of Curriculum Alignment with Standards
2. Effective Practices to Attain Standards
3. Standards Flowchart
4. What is Understanding? The Six Facets
5. From Content Standard to Understanding
6. Examples of Understanding
7. Writing Essential Questions
8. Questioning Prompts
9. Resource on Essential Questions

1. Techniques to Check for Understanding
2. What is an Authentic Task?
3. Links: Achievement Targets/Assessment Methods
4. Assessment Targets and Formative Checks

Anticipation Guide
1. Anticipation Guide
2. Inquiry Learning
3. Major Differences between Activitymania vs Inquiry
4. Analysis Features of Inquiry Learning

Introduction to Inquiry
1. What is Literacy?
2. Align Standards for Inquiry
3. Inquiry Continuum
4. Variations in Inquiry
5. The Learning Cycle as a Tool for Planning Instruction
6. Features of an Inquiry-based Lesson - Copes
7. The 5E Instructional Model
8. Why the Seven E's

Images of Inquiry
1. Science Inquiry Lessons
2. Huck Finn
3. Middle East Peace WebQuest
4. The Major Leagues
5. Membership Flags
6. Internet Science and Technology Fair
7. The pH Factor
8. Investigating Density: Heavy Ice

Infusion of Technology
1. Information Power
2. Ten Questions
3. Research Question Rubric
4. Information Literacy Standards
5. Technology Foundation Standards for Students

Lesson Resources
1. Lesson Abstracts
2. Technology-Enhanced Learning Experiences
3. Inquiry Learning Techniques
4. Open Directory Project

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Marshall Ransom, Project Manager
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