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Learning Interchange
National Digital Library Workshop


National Digital Library

  • Bill as a writing and professional development institute.
  • Register and introduce them to the CGLI website gradually over the 5 session workshop.
  • Have a workshop that concentrates on one discipline only, or two disciplines that complement each other, e.g., social studies, and language arts working together on some topic.
  • Have a workshop for similar grade levels only and invite the Librarian.
  • Invite local district/national content specialists to participate and review content developed.
  • Begin with the identifying resources, discuss inquiry, understanding, writing of unit(s)/lessons.
  • Make sure most recent standards are on site.
  • Have hard copies of the Wiggins text and other inquiry resources at the workshop; do some pre-session workshop resource searching beforehand.
  • Make specific time for teachers to work with content specialists.
  • Limit time of experts.
  • Share throughout the workshop and end with sharing of what was developed by each group.
  • Email is the preferred choice for reviewing by content specialists.

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