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Learning Interchange
National Digital Library Workshop

  As far as the specifications for ISDN participation from a practical perspective, if a facility has the capability of ISDN video conferencing at all, they probably have what is needed for this effort. To be more specific:
  • H.320 compliant
  • 128K bandwidth (bonded or otherwise)

To give you another take on it, if the facility in question has video conferencing units from the following list, you should be OK:

  • Polycom ViewStation
  • Aethra
  • Intel TeamStation 5.0
  • PictureTel (Concorde 6.5/Swiftsite I or II/Venue)
  • Sony (1500/5100 Plus/Trinicom 3000)
  • Tandberg (6000I/Vision 800, 2000 or 5000)
  • VTEL (SmartStation/TC Series)
  • Zydacron (Z250/Z350)

If you're looking to enhance or extend your video conferencing capability, look for systems which support T.120 standards (for application sharing and collaboration apps) and H.323 (for conferencing via the IP - Internet). NOTE: we are not using these capabilites for the Library's workshops at this time.

Preparing your browser to view and listen to American Memory Collections
Most of the multimedia materials in American Memory can be viewed or read without special software. However, just as you need special equipment to play videotapes, cassettes, or CDs at home, you need special viewers to see and hear some of the historical material in American Memory collections. Viewing and Listening to American Memory Collections gives explanations of various media formats, suggestions of viewer software and where you can find them, and directions for preparing your web browser.

Technical contact: John Munnell

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