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Lesson 1: Storytelling - An Introduction
Bradley Fuerst
9-12    90 Minute Block/ Two 45 minute class periods

Lesson created on 6/9/1999 3:36:00 PM EST.
Last modified 1/21/2000 4:14:43 PM EST.

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Abstract  (help)

This introductory lesson will expose students to the art of storytelling. Students will have the opportunity to observe a model of storytelling provided by the teacher. Following the modeling activity students will make initial observations in their Drama Journals. Once students have finished their written responses, the Drama Coach will lead the students thorough a power-point presentation on the Art of Storytelling which will outline concepts and background to the oral tradition. Their assignment will be to observe oral traditions/ storytelling as it exists in the many forms today and in everyday life.

National Standards  (help)

National Standards for Theater Education (NSTE) Content Standard #2: Acting and Basic skills.

Pre-requisite Skills  (help)

Audience Etiquette; Note-taking skills; Reflective Writing skills

Teacher Information  (help)

1. Time Frame: 90 minute block or two - 45 min. class periods 2. Materials: Macintosh computer overhead station and screen. 3. Resources: Powerpoint, Anthology of stories 4. Procedures/Strategies: a. Small Groups of 4-5 students (15 Min.): Opening Discussion Question: "What is a story repeatedly told by yourself or a relative/guardian at family gatherings?" Allow time for students to share their stories. b. Transitional Statement: I am sure all of you have shared some entertaining stories. Listening to stories can be both fun and educational. I have a story which I have prepare to tell you. Gather Round! c. Modeling by Drama Coach (15 min.): Tell a prepared story to the class. This will take time to prepare, but it is well worth the effort of the Drama Coach to model for students a storytelling performance. If the Drama Coach does not feel comfortable telling a story in front of the class, the teacher may access story telling online at http://www.storyteller.net/ (RealAudio plug-in needed) d. Power-point presentation (45 min): The Art of Storytelling e. Journaling in Drama Notebook (15 min): (This step can be assigned as homework if time does not permit) What did you enjoy about the story you heard today in class? What did the storyteller do to activate the audience's interest?

Assessment  (help)

Use of students'Journals and notes to check for understanding.

Student Activity  (help)

Small Group Discussion Drama Notebook Reflections

Technology Requirements/Integration  (help)

Computer and Overhead station/Screen Powerpoint

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