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Terraform Mars Lesson 1: No more Earth...
Edijoy Baynard
    45 minutes

Lesson created on 10/26/1999 8:24:43 AM EST.
Last modified 8/1/2000 12:47:18 PM EST.

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Abstract  (help)

Students will discuss what happens if the Earth can no longer provide a suitable environment for human life. As a result of the class discussion, students will see this unit as one relevant to their own lives, and realize they may be involved at a later time. As students begin to comprehend the importance of this question they will begin generating possible solutions. As the answers begin to accumulate the teacher will introduce a possible solution of terraforming.

National Standards  (help)

POPULATIONS, RESOURCES, AND ENVIRONMENTS When an area becomes overpopulated, the environment will become degraded due to the increased use of resources.

Pre-requisite Skills  (help)

1. Students must have the ability to listen to their peers during a discussion. 2. Students must have the ability to generate questions. 3. For the enrichment activity students need to have the ability to e-mail or fill in a form on the internet.

Teacher Information  (help)

This URL shpws planet information to the students. This site is written for a younger age group. If your students are older you can also click on this site and it will provide you with a URL which is more suitable. http://www.tcsn.net/afiner/intro.htm Reference Information on Earth and Mars http://library.advanced.org/2595/reference/planets.html Free educational materials about Earth's resources http://crude2.kgs.ukans.edu/AASG/earthSci.html Discussion information on current terraforming research Mars http://www.marsacademy.com/m_arts3.htm http://www,nsplus.com/nsplus/insight/mars/mars.html http://despina.advanced.org/23682/atmosphere.html Science Fiction Books Discussing the Ethical consideration of Terraforming Mars In the first of Kim Stanley Robinson's famous trilogy of novels, Red Mars, two groups fight in the colonized planet : those who are in favour and against terraforming the planet. Ask-a-geologist: Students can e-mail a geologist at this site and receive an answer to their questions. http://telperion.otago.ac.nz:800/Geology/askus/askageo.htm Materials: Poster Board Per group Markers Area for small groups

Assessment  (help)

Assessment will be completed by observation. Small groups will present a poster showing brainstorms of what might happen.

Student Activity  (help)

1. The entire class will be presented with the question, What happens when the Earth can no longer provide a suitable envirnment for human life. 2. Small groups (3-5) students will brainstorm anwers to the question for, and write answers on a poster sheet to present to the class. 3. The teacher will use the Earth conservation URL at the direct link below, to aid in formulating answers if needed. 4. After student presentations, the teacher will lead a discussion on terraforming of Mars being a possible solution to the problem.

Technology Requirements/Integration  (help)

Internet LCD Panel projection

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