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Terraform Mars Lesson 2: What does it all mean...
Edijoy Baynard
    45 minutes

Lesson created on 10/26/1999 10:45:53 AM EST.
Last modified 8/1/2000 12:49:18 PM EST.

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Abstract  (help)

Students have estblished a need for terraforming, but they need to be able to commuicate with the appropriate vocabulary will make dialogues between students clear and concise. Vocabulary involved in terraforming will not necessarily be familiar to the students or the teacher.

National Standards  (help)

Pre-requisite Skills  (help)

1. Students must be able to utilize the glossary of a textbook, a dictionary, or word search on the internet. 2. Students must be able to apply vocabulary to the unique situation of terraforming.

Teacher Information  (help)

The URL listed at the bottom is a very good source to assist you in selecting the words that are important for terraforming. Depending on the amout of time available you may want to provide the vocabulary in a traditonal format. However, if enough time is available have the students look up the words. If you have an information center take the students there and have them utilize a variety of sources to find the vocabulary. If an information center is used additional time may be needed to orientate the students to this facility. Vocabulary: Terraforming - transforming a hostile environemt into one able to sustain human life; this includes a source of oxygen,water, plant life, and correct air pressure and temperature Asronomical Unit - a measure of a distance within the solar system, equal to the mean distance of the Earth from teh sun, whichis baout 93,000,000 miles Atmosphere - the gaseous enveloop surrounding a celsetial body Axis of Rotation - the straight line, real or imaginary, passing througha rotating body and is ithe line about which the body rotates Albedo - a measure of the ability of a body to reflet light Alphelion - the point in the orbit of a planet where it is farthest from the sun Density - the amount of matter in a unit volume of a substance; usually the mass per unit of volume Diameter -the distance from one side of a body to the other, measured through the center Mass - the amount of matter in a body which should not be confused with weight. The same object will have a different wieghtsin space and Eatrth but the mass remains constant Perhelion - the point in the orbit of a planet where it is nearest to the sun Planets You may need additional vocabulary depending on the background knowledge of your students.

Assessment  (help)

Observation of completed vocabulary lists. Observation of appropriate use of vocabulary during small and large group discussions.

Student Activity  (help)

1. Students will be provided with a list of required terminology and asked to define the words using any of the following: Dictionary, glossary of non-fiction books, and the internet site at the below URL.

Technology Requirements/Integration  (help)


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