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Terraform Mars Lesson 6: Power Point
Edijoy Baynard
    2-3 periods 45 minutes

Lesson created on 11/5/1999 8:23:16 AM EST.
Last modified 8/1/2000 1:07:58 PM EST.

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Abstract  (help)

Students have brainstormed solutions about the loss of Earth's resources, terminology for terraforming,compared and contrasted the ecological and environmental conditions of Earth and Mars, proposed technology and biological organisms needed for terraforming, designed three dimensional models depicting the stages of terraforming, and now students are ready to organize the information into a power point presentation.

National Standards  (help)

Pre-requisite Skills  (help)

Writing presentations. Utilizing the power point template.

Teacher Information  (help)

Students should have a notecard prepared for each slide on the power point presentation for each slide prior to using the computer.

Assessment  (help)

Student Activity  (help)

Students will organize the information into the form of a outline. Students will make a notecard for each slide of the power point presentation, Students will make powere point presentations.

Technology Requirements/Integration  (help)

Power Point

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