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H-o-F Batting Averages
Shirley Raab

Lesson created on 11/5/1999 8:49:06 AM EST.
Last modified 11/17/1999 2:52:35 PM EST.

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Abstract  (help)

The determining factors for deciding which players get voted into the Hall of Fame are many. One of the possible factors is batting average. The students will get an explanation of what a batting average is and how to figure it. We will be adding, dividing and using per centages and then ranking the averages in order.

National Standards  (help)

Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability Mathematics instructional programs should include attention to data analysis, statistics, and probability so that all students Pose questions and collect, organize, and represent data to answer those questions

Pre-requisite Skills  (help)

Adding, Dividing, and ranking numbers

Teacher Information  (help)

Assessment  (help)

Student Activity  (help)

Batting Averages! Solving a Multistep Problem In baseball the batting average of a player is determined by dividing the number of times a player gets a hit by number of times the player is up to bat. 1. How many times has the player been up to bat? 2. How many hits does the player have (include all singles, doubles, triples, and homeruns). 3. Divide the number of hits by the number of at-bats. (the number will be a decimal) 4. Multiply this number by 1000 and that's the batting average. Now, choose a major league baseball team and find the inviduals statistics and figure that teams batting averages.

Technology Requirements/Integration  (help)

internet access

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