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H-o-F Batting Averages
Shirley Raab

Lesson created on 11/5/1999 9:47:53 AM EST.
Last modified 11/17/1999 2:53:01 PM EST.

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Abstract  (help)

This lesson follows the first batting average lesson. It requires all the batting averages for a team being already computed, or a list of chosen players.

National Standards  (help)

Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability Mathematics instructional programs should include attention to data analysis, statistics, and probability so that all students Pose questions and collect, organize, and represent data to answer those questions Interpret data using methods of exploratory data analysis Develop and evaluate inferences, predictions, and arguments that are based on data

Pre-requisite Skills  (help)

Teacher Information  (help)

Assessment  (help)

Student Activity  (help)

Take your list of batting averages and rank them in order. Create a stem-and-leaf plot for your list. Once the plot is completed find the mean, median, and mode of each league's batting average. 1. Team ___________ 2. Team ____________ Mean __________ Mean ____________ Median ________ Median __________ Mode __________ Mode ____________ Range _________ Range ___________ 3. Which team has the best batting averages? 4. Which data best represents the average? Which data is not representative (if at all)?

Technology Requirements/Integration  (help)


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