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The How and Why of Clouds / Lesson One of Get Your Head Into The Clouds
Judy Rumgay

Lesson created on 1/9/2000 4:49:43 PM EST.
Last modified 10/10/2000 10:28:44 AM EST.

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Abstract  (help)

Students will understand the process of cloud formation. They will be able to determine relative humidity. This information will be conveyed in the form of a concept map.

National Standards  (help)

Earth and Space Science Content Standard D: As a result of activities, students should develop an understanding of the structure of the earth system.

Pre-requisite Skills  (help)

Internet access skills, basic reference skills, graphic organizer experience, and computer graphics skills

Teacher Information  (help)

Classroom Management: Students may work individually or in pairs as computer availability allows. The concept map may be constructed with paper and pencil, but to optimize use of technology, it is recommended that computer graphics be utilized for this purpose.The teacher introduces this topic by showing a clip of a television weather report.  A discussion should ensue as to why relative humidity is included in the weather report.  Students will use references provided to obtain information about relative humidity and cloud formation.  The information obtained by the students will be displayed in the form of a concept map.

Assessment  (help)

This assignment should be evaluated with a rubric indicating a minimum number of terms included in the concept map, with a minimum number of links, as well. Correctness of links should also be included in the assessment.

Student Activity  (help)

Students will access internet sites and meteorology print matter to obtain information about the process of cloud formation and relative humidity. This information will be conveyed in the form of a concept map. This concept map should be constructed using computer graphics software.

Technology Requirements/Integration  (help)

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