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Learning Interchange
National Writing Institute

Sunday, July 21, 2024
1. Is the learning activity worth doing ? Will the learning activity effect the desired outcome pertinent to the content? 
Is the technology worth its use in the learning activity?
Does the technology assist the learner in achieving the desired outcome? 
Is the selected technology tool the most effective way of bringing about the desired learning?
2. Does the learning activity drive the use of technology rather than technology driving the learning activity?
Have you selected the technology as the most effective way to teach the educational goal or are you just teaching how to use the technology?
3. Does the use of technology facilitate the performance of a learning task in a way that isn't possible without technology use?
Is the technology used in conjunction with other learning devices and strategies?
Does the learning activity take advantage of the uniqueness of the technology?
4. Does the use of technology expedite the learners' attainment of the basic skills?
5. Is the technology used to expand the knowledge base of each student?
6. Does the technology compel the learner to interact with the content and their prior knowledge in constructing new understandings? new knowledge?
7. Do teachers and students model the effective use of information and communication technology?
8. Is student motivation positively impacted by this use of technology?
9. Does the technology use in the learning activity promote the interweaving of the various discipline areas?
10. Are learners engaged in relevant, real-life applications of academic concepts through this use of technology?
Does their work parallel technology use in the real-world workforce?

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Career Connection to Teaching with Technology
USDOE Technology Innovation Challenge Grant
Marshall Ransom, Project Manager
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