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National Writing Institute

Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Answers, Analysis, Reflection
Inquiries can be closed or open.
Closed inquiries have definite answers.
Open and active inquiries can have answers but more often have conclusions based on analysis and reflection
Make sure that students have the opportunity to analyze and reflect and conclude.
Use one or more of the following Analytic Strategies.
Recalling and observing evidence related to the problem
Comparing and clarifying evidence according to some predetermined criteria.
Defining the evidence so that it is clear and unambiguous.
Interpreting the data to explain its meaning and significance.
Generalizing from the evidence to derive a principle or main idea.
Inferring from the evidence to predict and hypothesize beyond the data.

Hints for applying each of these analytic strategies follow:

Recalling and Observing
Aim: To selectively retrieve, recognize or remember items related to the study.
Procedure: Identify and note all relevant items. Make a summarizing statement.
Comparing and Classifying
Aim: To compare evidence obtained and to classify it according to stated criteria.
Procedure: Summarize similarities and differences. Decide on a basis for grouping similarities and differences. Label each group
Interpreting, Generalizing. Inferring
Aim: To explain the significance of findings, and draw reasonable, sensible and applicable conclusion(s) from the data.
Procedure: Identify and describe major relationships within the evidence. Summarize, explain or conclude on the basis of the data.

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