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National Writing Institute

Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Only a person who has questions can have understanding.

Inquiry in Curriculum Design

Inquiry is an activity we engage in every day. We ask questions of ourselves and others in our quest for understanding. In our own inquiries, we seek understanding by engaging in daily activities, working on projects, or perfonning tasks. These are some of the ways we are constantly learning.

In curriculum design, teachers can make use of the many forms of inquiry to promote understanding for our students. What questions really engage students? What questions will help frame a course of study? What questions do students want to explore? What content is worth learning?

We use the word inquiry when discussing curriculum design to make a slight distinction from other forms of instructional planning. We wish to simply emphasize the importance of questions in the design of learning. When questions are used strategically, they help frame ideas, lead to new ideas, and promote learning.



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