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National Writing Institute

Sunday, July 21, 2024

Use the following concept web to move from a content standard to a student understanding. Follow the directions listed below.

List the standard topic in the box at the center of the web.
Identify possible concepts involved in this topic and write each concept m one of the boxes surrounding the center box.
Extend your thinking on each concept:

What ideas underlie ______?
What couldn't we understand if we didn't know _____

Combine two or more concepts into sentences and make generalizations that sum up understandings students should gain during this unit.

Example: If your content standard was ecological interactions, then related concepts might include interactions among living organisms, ecological balance, resources, human technology, and a variety of other concepts. An understanding might be, "Human technologies impact ecological balance."

Adapted from Understanding by Design Institute, Grant Wiggins and Jay McTigae

Copyright 1997-2003
Career Connection to Teaching with Technology
USDOE Technology Innovation Challenge Grant
Marshall Ransom, Project Manager
All rights reserved.

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