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National Writing Institute

Sunday, July 21, 2024

Dietary requirements vary for individuals based on age, activity, level, weight, and health.

Satire attempts to expose and ridicule public or political immorality and stupidity through irony, sarcasm, or exaggeration.

Authors do not always say exactly what they mean and mean what they literally say.

Democratic governments must balance the rights of individuals with the common good.

Standardized measures allow people to more accurately describe the physical world.

The topography, climate, and natural resources of a region influence the culture, economy, and life-style of its inhabitants.

An effective story engages the reader by setting up questions - tensions, mystery, dilemmas, or uncertainty - about what will happen next.

Water moves by gravity from higher to lower areas both on the surface and underground, and the natural flow of all regions is part of a watershed.

Mathematics allows us to see and describe patterns to better understand our world.

Statistics can describe populations and phenomena.

The Civil War was fought primarily over states' rights issues linked to differences on regional economies (not over the morality of slavery, as commonly believed).

Examples drawn from resources published by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe.

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