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Learning Interchange
National Writing Institute

Saturday, May 25, 2024


What is the key idea in ____?
What are examples of ____?
What are the characteristics of ____?
What are the parts of ____?
How did this come about? ____
Why is this so? ____
How might we prove/justify ____?
How is ____ connected to ____?
What might happen if ____ ?


What is the meaning of ____?
What are the implications of ____?
What does ____ reveal about ____?
How is ____ like ____?
How does ____ relate to me?
So what? ____ Why does it matter? ____


How can we use this learning? ____
When can we use this learning? ____
How is this applied in the world? ____
How might this help us to ____?


What are other points of view? ____
How might this look from another perspective? ____
What are other possible reactions to ____?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of ____?
What are the limits of ____?
What is the evidence for ____?
Is the evidence reliable/sufficient? ____


What would it be like to walk in ____'s shoes?
How might ____ feel about ____?
What was ____ trying to make us feel or see?


How do I know ____?
What are the limits of my knowledge about ____?
How can I best show ____?
How are my views about ____ shaped by ____ (experiences, habits, prejudices)?
What are my strengths/weaknesses in ____?

Adapted from work by Grant Wiggins & Jay McTighe

Copyright 1997-2003
Career Connection to Teaching with Technology
USDOE Technology Innovation Challenge Grant
Marshall Ransom, Project Manager
All rights reserved.

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