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Twelve Angry Men
Randall Duval
Language Arts

Unit created on 9/29/1999 EST.
Last modified 11/12/1999 3:45:10 PM EST.

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Fundamental Understandings (help)

Students will have a general understanding of jury delibera= tions. Students will learn that facts can be molded to fit the situa= tion, and that truth is sometimes a matter of interpretation. Students will come away knowing the general atmosphere of the time; America's paranoia over communism.

Technology ISTE Standards (info) 

Technology productivity tools Technology communications tools Technology problem solving and decision making with peers

Information Literacy Standards (info) 

Recognizes that accurate info is needed for intelligent decis ion making. Distinguish between fact, opinion, and point of view. Identifies inaccurate and misleading information. Integrates new info. into one's own knowledge. Seeks info. related related to various dimensions of personal well being such as career interests and community involvement.

Relevance (help)

Students will be able to understand the importance and relevance of jury duty, not to mention its possible ramifications. Students will learn not to accept circumstances on face value which will make them more intelligent decision makers.

Assessment (help)

Students will write an essay comparing and contrasting two characters. Students will also write journals on truth and how truth can be molded to serve the circumstance. Students will write an essay on prejudice and discrimination.

Components (help)

We will read the entire play in class. Small group and class discussion. Video: New Version of Twelve Angry Men to look at diversity and discrimination issues. Video: Parts of Guilty By Suspicion starring Robert Deniro to help students understand the anti-communist atmosphere of the time. Spreadsheet: Students will track their progress using Claris Works spreadsheet. Database: Students will track a character using CW database. Acting: students will act out certain scenes from the play.

URLs (help)


Workforce Competencies (info) (help)

See individual lesson plans to see how/if these are accomplished Culturally sensitive leaders Numeric Problem Solvers Creative and Critical Thinkers Information Managers

12 Angry Men Lesson 3
12 Angry Men Day 1
12 Angry Men Day 1
12 Angry Men Lesson 2
12 Angry Men Day 1

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