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Whirligig - A Novel Study by Paul Fleischman
Kathleen Spencer
Language Arts

Unit created on 10/14/1999 EST.
Last modified 10/11/2000 2:13:32 PM EST.

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Fundamental Understandings (help)

Students will learn how to critically think and respond to a story. They will learn how to relate to literature and apply it to their own lives or to question what they do not already know.

Technology ISTE Standards (info) 

ISTE Standard - Research Tools, Paragraph 2 "Routinely and efficiently use online information resources to meet needs for collaboration, research, publications, communications, and productivity."

Information Literacy Standards (info) 

Information Literacy Standard 1 - "Accesses information efficiently and effectively, as described by the following indicators: 1. recognizes the need for information: 2. recognizes that accurate and comprehensive information is the basis for intelligent decision making; 3. formulates questions based on information needs; identifies a variety of potential sources of information; 4. develops and uses successful strategies for locating information."

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Assessment (help)

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Workforce Competencies (info) (help)


Designing a Whirligig / Lesson Four of Whirligig - A Novel Study by Paul Fleischman
Writing a new chapter to Whirligig / Lesson Three of Whirligig - A Novel Study by Paul Fleischman
Persuasive Essay; / Lesson Two of Whirligig - A Novel Study by Paul Fleischman
Responding to Reading / Lesson One of Whirligig - A Novel Study by Paul Fleischman

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