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The Greatest of all Amphibians, The Frog
Rebecca D. Staver

Unit created on 10/25/1999 EST.
Last modified 12/6/1999 11:01:19 AM EST.

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Fundamental Understandings (help)

Students will recognize an amphibian, which is an animal group that spends part of their life in water and part of their life on land. Students will also learn all amphibians have backbones and are cold-blooded. In addition, the young live in water and breate with gills, while adults, which have lungs generally live on land and breate air. Students will learn the characterisics of an amphibian by studying a frog.

Technology ISTE Standards (info) 

Information Literacy Standards (info) 

Relevance (help)

Students will learn about the life cycle, habitat, and the role of the frog while applying this knowledge to other living organisms.

Assessment (help)

Students will be assessed on labeled diagrams that they create (with guidance from the teacher), they will write, measure, and record information about the life cycle of the frog in a daily journal.

Components (help)

Students will learn the characteristics of amphibians, such as: they have backbones, are cold-blooded, spend part of their life in water and the other part on land, etc. These things will be acomphished through class discussions and brainstorming guided by the teacher. They will also acquire information through various print and on-line resources.

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Workforce Competencies (info) (help)

Standard Title: INFORMATION MANAGERS (3.1) Students locate, comprehend, interpret, evaluate, maintain, and apply information, concepts, and ideas found in literature, the arts, symbols, recordings, video and other graphic displays, and computer files in order to perform tasks and/or for enjoyment.

The Greatest of all Amphibians, The Frog
The Life Cycle of a Frog
Compare and Contrast a Frog with a Toad
Become a Herpetologist

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