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People Who Have Made a Difference
Leigh Ann Orr Eftihia Danellis
Applied Technologies, Language Arts, World History

Unit created on 11/26/1999 EST.
Last modified 11/26/1999 6:08:25 PM EST.

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Fundamental Understandings (help)

Students will: 1. learn about an individual who has changed the world and made a difference for the better, 2. develop research skills, 3. write a biographical research paper which discusses the idividual and the context in which he or she lived, 4. create a PowerPoint presentation to educate others about the individual and the context in which he or shed lived, and 5. give this presentation effectively to an audience.

Technology ISTE Standards (info) 

Technology Communication & Research Tools Routinely and efficiently use online information resources to meet needs for collaboration, research, publications, communications, and productivity. Select and apply technology tools for research, information analysis, problem-solving, and decision-making in content learning. Collaborate with peers, experts, and others to contribute to a content related knowledge base by using technology to compile, synthesize, produce, and disseminate information, models, and other creative works.

Information Literacy Standards (info) 

Category I: Information Literacy The student who is information literate: Standard 1 Accesses information efficiently and effectively, as described by the following indicators: recognizes the need for information: recognizes that accurate and comprehensive information is the basis for intelligent decision making; formulates questions based on information needs; identifies a variety of potential sources of information; develops and uses successful strategies for locating information. Standard 2: Evaluates information critically and competently, as described by the following indicators: determines accuracy, relevance, and comprehensiveness; distinguishes among facts, point of view, and opinion; identifies inaccurate and misleading information; selects information appropriate to the problem or question at hand. Standard 3: Uses information effectively and creatively, as described by the following indicators: organizes information for practical application; integrates new information into one's own knowledge; applies information in critical thinking and problem solving; produces and communication information and ideas in appropriate formats. Category III: Social Responsibility The student who contributes positively to the teaming community and to society is information literate and: Standard 8 Practices ethical behavior in regard to information and information technology, as described by the following indicators: respects the principles of intellectual freedom; respects intellectual property rights; uses information technology responsibly.

Relevance (help)

This project is part of the 10th grade core courses of the International Studies Academy of Manual Arts High School. The outcomes of the ISA include: 1. to become effective communicators, 2. to become culturally sensitive, 3. to have an understanding of the complexity and interdependence of the world, and 4. to become active and responsible global citizens. With these outcomes in mind, we designed a project predicated on these beliefs: 1. educated persons should have a basic understanding of the major contributions of individuals around the world, how individuals have improved society by leading movements for change or contributing ideas which have revolutionized thought, and 2. peole are both affected by their contexts and have the power to make choices which have tremendous consequences for good.

Assessment (help)

Components (help)

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Workforce Competencies (info) (help)


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