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The Presidency
Karen Nielsen
Geography, Government and Civics

Unit created on 7/11/1999 EST.
Last modified 1/6/2000 9:39:02 AM EST.

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Fundamental Understandings (help)

This entire unit will focus on the fundamental responsibilities of the president as outlined in Article Two of the United States Constitution. Teachers and students alike will analyze the specific roles of a president, the Constitutional requirements for the president as set forth by our forefathers and how a president is elected by means of the Electoral College system. In addition, students will understand that becoming the president is a long and ardous task that requires mastering campaign strategies and media scrutiny. The Four Lessons of this unit are: 1. Analyzing the Constitutional Requirements and Roles of a President. 2. Electing a President 3. Running for President 4. Taking a White House Tour

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Analyzing the Constituional Requirements and Roles of the President

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