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May These Forces Be With You
Judy Rumgay

Unit created on 10/25/1999 EST.
Last modified 5/17/2000 3:57:49 PM EST.

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Fundamental Understandings (help)

Students will understand basic definitions of force and related terms, such as working energy.

Technology ISTE Standards (info) 

Information Literacy Standards (info) 

Relevance (help)

Students will demonstrate a real world application of a situation that relies on a gravity.

Assessment (help)

Students will be assessed on their basic understanding of definitions and their ability to relate gravity, friction and inertia to everday events.

Components (help)

Students will use various types of print and on-line resources to develop their learning of forces. They will also use research and writing skills to create their projects that demonstrate how these forces impact our daily life.

URLs (help)


Workforce Competencies (info) (help)

Information Managers

A Force is a Force, Of Course
The Gravity of the Situation
Inertia-- You Just Gotta Get Over It
There's Friction Between Us

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